Winter Axe Throwing League WATL SLOVENIA 2019

On 16th of January we started with the first Winter Axe Throwing League in Slovenian history. What can be better than hot and fun sport with a lot of adrenaline which will warm you on cold winter nights!

We have 16 finalists who will compete on May 17 for the title The First National Champion of the Republic of Slovenia in Throwing Axes. 

In seven qualifying tournaments,  as many as 42 players were throwing axes, breaking records and increasing expectations. In addition to the precise targeting, the persistence was also decisive, as participation in the finals was a prerequisite – seven results were counted.

How was the tournament going? From the winter league in throwing axes to the national championship

Winter League has seven competition days (16.1., 30.1, 13.2 ,. 6.3, 20.3, 3.4, 17.4) and final eighth day (17.5.), Which is competing against the best athletes in the system loss where the best competitor in all days compete against each other.

The winner of the final tournament will be crowned as the winner of the Winter League and at the same time also the first national champion of the Republic of Slovenia.


Competition will be held according to the WATL system and rules of Axe Throwing Europe center.

The final tournament is scheduled for Friday, May 17, 2019. We invite all the competitors of the previous tournaments and all those who want to witness to the first national championship in throwing axes by the WATL system to join us in the final on 17th of May. 

After the competition part, we promise crazy party!